European Roulette

The Canadian online casino offers you a vibrant gambling experience of fun and thrills that gives you a satisfying and rewarding online roulette Canada adventure. When you play roulette games at the Canadian casino you can look forward to a superior gambling adventure that takes you out of the daily grind and propels you into a casino event of big action, big payouts and big bonuses. Playing European roulette allows you to merge your good fortune with your gaming skills so you are a full participant in turning the game to your advantage and earning your payouts.  

There are two versions of roulette at the online casino – European Roulette and American Roulette. Some players prefer to play American Roulette, in which the roulette wheel features 37 pockets. These gamers feel that the extra pocket may give them an advantage and allow them to more easily narrow down their prediction of the tossed ball's final landing pocket within the spinning roulette wheel.

 Traditional gamblers, however, generally prefer to play European roulette. The European roulette wheel features 36 pockets. This is the roulette wheel that is used at Las Vegas, Riviera and New South Wales land-based casinos. Online players who want this type of customary roulette experience generally choose the European roulette game for their selected casino competition.   

Gaming Platform

The online roulette casino offers you the opportunity to play roulette on a casino platform that meets your gambling level and needs. If you're a beginning player and want to start your gaming activities on the wide screen from the comfort of your own home, download online roulette software and play at the Download Casino on your personal laptop or desktop PC. If you're travelling and don't have access to your personal console, play roulette online at the Flash Casino in a safe and secure casino environment.

Mobile smartphone and tablet owners have the option of opening the casino website on their mobile device and playing roulette right on their mobile browser. The mobile casino is open 24/7 so, regardless of whether you're sitting with the kids at the park, waiting for an appointment, taking a break from your work station or travelling on the bus, you can pull out your mobile and play European Roulette at your leisure.

Online Roulette Canada

Your online Roulette Canada experience will be even more successful if you learn about the game before you sign into the casino and start playing. You'll need to review the basic roulette rules,  possible wagering options, roulette winning strategies, tips for winning at online roulette and bonus opportunities. Casino consultants suggest that, before you play the game for real in the Real Mode, you sign into the casino's Practice Mode and practice the game, refine your betting techniques and explore all of the options that the game offers.

Roulette Games

Playing European roulette involves tossing a ball into a spinning roulette wheel of 36 pockets. Before you toss the ball, you'll lay your deposit based on your prediction of into which of the 36 pockets the ball will land. After the wheel stops spinning and the ball enters a pocket you can see how your prediction matches the ball's final landing place and collect your prize.

Betting Schedule

There are numerous betting options for European Roulette gamers. You can place an inside bet in which you try to predict the exact number of the pocket, or the range of pockets, into which the ball is expected to land. Inside bets are based on the selected pocket's proximity to the ball's final landing spot. Inside bets are regarded as risky bets because the odds on these wagers are lower than the odds for outside bets. Inside bet payouts, however, are higher than payouts for outside bets so, for many players, these bets are worth the risk. Inside bets include straight (single number) bets, split (wagers on 2 adjoining numbers) bets, street bets (bet on 3 numbers on a single horizontal line), six line  (a wagers on two adjoining streets) bets, trio (wagers on the intersecting point between 2 numbers) bets and basket bets (a bet on 0, 1, 2, or 3).

You may also decide to wager on a less risky 'outside' prediction. Outside bets have higher odds because they involve large positional groupings of pockets, odd- or even-numbered pockets or the pocket  (red or black) colour.

 Call Bet and Neighbor Bet options are also available. Call bets involve groups of wagers which are placed simultaneously such as Tiers Du Cylindre, Voisins Du Zero and Les Orphelins wagers.

Neighbor Bets involve Inside - Straight Up bet placed on one number and including the numbers on either side of the Straight-Up number. 

Roulette Tips

The best strategy to increase your chances of roulette success is to practice the game in the casino's Free Mode to refine your techniques and explore the different betting strategies. When you're ready to play for real money, navigate over to the Real Mode and make your first deposit to start playing for real cash prizes. Other roulette tips involve concentrating on the less risky, more frequently-successful outside bets and playing one number continuously over the course of multiple spins.