What is the Vanilla Payment Option

The Vanilla Visa Credit card is one of the optimum choices as Canadian Roulette deposit methods. The player does not have to complete any registration process and does not have to wait for any clearance. The transactions through the Vanilla card are all totally secure and instant. The way that this payment system works allowing to Play Online Roulette with Vanilla is very simple. Players need to buy a Vanilla card at one of the many outlets in Canada that sell these cards. It looks just like a Visa card. Once the player has purchased a card he needs to fund it, this is a onetime action. The player can put money on his card using cash or an existing credit card. Once the player has put money on the card it cannot be added to. In other words, use of the card is totally one time only and once the amount on the card has been finished whether using it for Canadian Roulette deposit methods or other methods, it cannot be reused. The player has to purchase a further Vanilla card in order to use it again.

Placing Real Money Roulette Bets

Players who are interested to Play Online Roulette With Vanilla need to check in advance of registering at the casino, that it does, in fact accept Vanilla cards. In the banking section of the casino, the Vanilla payment method will be detailed if the casino does accept Vanilla as a payment option. Players at the casino can start playing the roulette games for fun or practice before placing real money bets. This allows the player time to familiarize himself with the different methods of betting that are available and the actual betting grid and of course the roulette wheel. There are two main types of roulette game offered at the online casino; American Roulette and European Roulette. The American roulette game is not as popular as the European Roulette game that houses 37 pockets made up of numbers 1-36 and a single zero pockets. The American game has the addition of a double zero pocket. Players are able to place bets on both inside and outside bets. The inside bets are bets on small groups of numbers that include individual numbers, two numbers together, three numbers in a row and four numbers grouped together. Outside bets are larger groups of numbers that include all of the red numbers, all odd numbers, and all even numbers and so on. Players are encouraged to place bets on both the inside and outside numbers thereby covering more of the betting grid and giving themselves more opportunities to land winning numbers.

Secure Personal Financial Data

The Vanilla Visa card option is so easy to use and one of the main advantages to online and mobile players is that they do not have to divulge any of their own personal financial information. Players remain anonymous throughout in that they can pay for the Vanilla card with cash or credit card but there is no record of their details on the card. Of course at the casino the player is known and has registered but his financial details are totally secure. The transfer of cash from the Vanilla card to the online casino in order to Play Online Roulette With Vanilla is instant. There is no waiting around. The player is immediately able to place his real money bets if he has chosen Vanilla out of all of the Canadian Roulette deposit methods. The only disadvantage of the Vanilla payment option is that it cannot take withdrawals. The card, once all the money has been used up, cannot be reloaded. This means that if a player wants to withdraw his winnings from playing roulette he needs to find another method. Also if the player wants to add more money to his card or game, he is not able to, he needs to purchase another card in order to add money. Despite these small disadvantages, the benefits of Vanilla as one of the Canadian Roulette deposit methods are far outweighed.